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Happy Hour Group Meeting Schedule:

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
10:00-OD Noon-OD Noon-BB Noon-OD Noon-12\12 Noon-OD 9:30 MCD
5:30, OD 5:30, OD 5:30, OD 5:30, OD 5:30, OD
8:00pm OD 8:00pm C 8:00pm S/T 7:00pm OBG 8:00pm BB 7:00pm C 7:00pm O

Meeting Symbols Legend

C - Closed Discussion Meeting;For those who have or think they may have a problem with alcohol.
O - Open Speaker Meeting; Anyone who wishes to learn about AA is welcome.
OD - Open Discussion Meeting; AA's share experience, strengh, and hope on some aspect of sober living.
W - Women's Meeting
M - Men's Meeting

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